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At Beauty Med, we strive to offer the most comprehensive cosmetic procedure services available, making your experience one worth remembering.

Our breast augmentation packages in Thailand include everything you need to have peace of mind; not only do we recommend some of the best surgeons and hospitals for your surgery, but we offer care and assistance before, during and after as well.

Don’t pay tens of thousands of dollars in your home country when you can get the same procedure and a relaxing holiday in Thailand for much less.

What is an augmentation procedure?

Breast augmentation has become one of the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedures amongst women in recent years, with the term encompassing several different options given to patients. Fundamentally, this surgery is used to enlarge the size or change the shape or fullness of a women’s breasts by using implants that are placed under the tissue or muscles.

This procedure can be used to:

• Increase the size of naturally small breasts.
• Restore desired size and/or shape after experiences such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss.
• Correct an asymmetrical appearance between two breasts.
• Completely restore the breasts of someone who has been effected by cancer or other conditions that have impacted their shape or size.

Our holiday surgery packages

At Beauty Med, we are proud to offer a number of breast augmentation packages that give women the chance to achieve their desired look at a lower cost than they could find elsewhere.

We have the expertise and connections needed to recommend you some of the finest surgeons and hospitals in Thailand, ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable and, most importantly, satisfied with your experience at all stages in the process.

Our packages are wide-ranging and all-inclusive, assisting you with every detail from scheduling your surgery, organising your hotel and trip details, providing transportation and making sure that your patient details are already taken care of by the time you arrive at the hospital.

As experienced professionals in Thailand, we know what it takes to make your breast augmentation experience as smooth and stress-free as possible and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that it stays this way.

Along with breast enhancement surgery, we also organise packages for the following procedures, amongst many others:

• Liposuction
• Male chest reduction
• Chin implants
• Mini and full face lift
Nose reshaping and implants
• Tummy tuck
• Female to male surgery
• Male to female surgery

Please take a further look at our website for a more extensive list of surgical procedures that we cater for.

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Our friendly and helpful team of staff are dedicated to making your experience in Thailand a happy one. No matter what you need, whether it is information on our breast augmentation packages or a price enquiry, we are thrilled to assist you along the way.

Contact us via our online enquiry form or call our offices on 02 800 500 56.

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