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Covering the cost of a breast augmentation surgery in your home country can be hard as you watch consultation and hospital fees start to pile up, especially as you continue to sit on the bottom of a waiting list. This is where Beauty Med can step in, organising your breast lift or implants surgery in Thailand, where the cost of such a procedure is far less than anything you might pay otherwise.

Not only does out service cost nothing, meaning that you don’t have to pay any deposits or fees to us whatsoever, but we assist you in every step of your journey.

Our packages offer a comprehensive service that takes care of all surgical details as well as helping you to organise trip necessities such as transportation and accommodation.

We are dedicated to making your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that you’re always in safe hands.

Everything you need to know about a lift or implant procedure

There are many reasons why women choose to get breast implants; some simply don’t like their natural shape, others want to get back the look they had before cancer or pregnancy and sometimes it is to correct an asymmetrical look that has developed over time. Regardless of why you want it done, the most important factor is making sure that you find the right surgeon and procedure for you.

The two most common approaches to this surgery is putting the implant either in front or behind of the pectoral muscle. The implants are usually made of either saline or silicone, and each have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Your surgeon will be able to determine which material is right for your body and what you want, which is included in our packages.

During the surgery, small incisions will be made near the crease of your breast and the implants subsequently inserted in the way your surgeon sees fit.

The healing time varies, although it generally takes between 1-2 weeks for the patient to go about their ‘normal’ life again, and up to a few months before the healing process has completely finished.

What our packages give you

Beauty Med’s breast lift and implants packages can help you with this process, providing expertise and connections to many world-class Thailand professionals who can perform procedures at a cost much lower than you would normally pay back home.

Our comprehensive services aims to make the whole experience as convenient as possible, taking care of all the details while you simply enjoy the lead up to your holiday.

Not only will our Thailand breast life and implants packages give you the look you’ve always dreamed while staying in a great facility, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of being on a luxurious holiday at the same time.

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