Cosmetic Surgery Changed My Life: Story of an Australian and Her Experience

The acceptance of plastic surgery for medical or aesthetic reasons has received a boost over the last few decades especially by the way celebrities flash their bodies on the screen, making a lot of people to go extra mile to get such bodies. Recently, it has become hard to see a celebrity that has not gone under the knife to have one part of their body fixed.

Cosmetic surgery Thailand has been a preferred location for mostly those having cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons. People from different continent, United States, Europe and Australia often head to Thailand to have their bodies fixed because of the unambiguous health policies of Thailand unlike in the United States.

Also, cosmetic surgeries in Thailand are subsidized without compromising the quality of care received. Owing that medical tourism is one of Thailand’s money spinner, they hire the best hands from all over the world to keep it at the best standard.

Many people have had cause to go for plastic surgery and for whatever reason, the testimonies have been positive, negative or just neutral but for this particular Australian woman, cosmetic surgery was a life changing experience.

Christine is an Australian chauffeur that went to Thailand to for surgeries. Before heading to Thailand, she has had consultations both in New Zealand and in Australia. She needed tummy tucks and her legs fixed. Initially, her major concern was how to communicate in the strange land and what if anything should go wrong.

Cosmetic Surgery Travel has created an opportunity of the journey to Thailand. Unlike what she expected, the experience was a seamless one. The doctor and nurses were warm and likewise the staff in her hotel. They made her feel at home. The surgery was a great experience to her. She was really pleased with the outcome.

She travelled back to Australia after medical advicepermitted her to and while in Australia; her recovery has been very good. Her legs have become something she could show off while she is still waiting for her tummy to disappear. Both in cost and quality, Christine believes the treat she got while in Thailand is better than what she would have gotten in New Zealand and Australia.

She also compared the cost and to her it was the cheapest she would have had it considering her low budget. She highly recommends Thailand hospital to anyone who for any reason would want to have a plastic surgery.

The story of Christine is one of the many stories of Australian women who have had a life changing experience with cosmetic surgery. Christine is on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to take her to Thailand because she has the feeling that she has become a part of them and is grateful that they have become a part of their success stories.

Australian women usually travel to other countries for cosmetic surgeries mostly because of the high cost of having the surgery done there and having such a positive outcome will justify their effort.

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