Is Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Rhinoplasty is a word that originated from two Greek words Rhinos and Plastikos meaning ‘Nose’ and ‘To shape’ respectively. Reconstructive rhinoplasty is usually employed to correct birth defect such as cleft lip and palate while plastic surgery is employed to change the appearance of someone.

Rhinoplasty has a surgical and non-surgical approach. However, the non-surgical approach has been shown to be more effective with depressions and dips on the outer part of the nose, hiding nasal bumps, smoothing crooked nose, makes a perfect choice for first timers who are experimenting on nose job, non-surgical is usually the preferred option when there has been a failure in the main surgery, perfect for refinement of the tip of the nose, augmentation of bridge and for fixing asymmetrical nose Etc.

If a rhinoplasty process is properly done, it should last a life time. But, as age sets in, it is natural for your nose to begin to lose their shape (this has nothing to do with if it has been properly done or not). Other change that has to do with environmental influences includes discoloration and minor inflammations due to harshness of the weather.

Dr. Kotler made a remarkable discovery with his Kotler Saline Demo. The work of KSD is to make the client have a feel of what the aftermath of the surgery would be like and if they are comfortable or satisfied with it, the permanent procedure would then commence because KSD is a temporary procedure.

In KSD, saline solution is injected into the client’s nose using micro syringe just like the main fillers would. It would produce the same effect but lasts only about 2hrs. When the saline is injected, photos of the effect is taken and compared to the photos taken when the effect of the saline has worn off. Both pictures are then compared and if the client is satisfied, the permanent process using permanent fillers will commence. In less than a minute after injection, the person can use a mirror to see the effect. The saline solution will get absorbed into the body after about two hours.

The process of filling using permanent fillers takes up to six weeks. This is because it is a gradual process to avoid injecting excess of the fillers. Bit by bit, the fillers are injected and monitored till the desired quantity is reached.

Even when the rhinoplasty has been successfully carried out, there are times when you will need to go for minor follow-up rhinoplasty, once in a few weeks or months so that the proper adjustments would be done. Basically, the first three years after the procedure is used as a healing and recovery process. These are crucial years and needs intense monitoring.

New techniques of rhinoplasty are structured to support the nose even as age beckons and they have been shown to be more effective than the previous methods. Though earlier rhinoplasty may not have been permanent, the current improvements would one day make one nose job last up to the carrier’s demise without faltering.

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