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In 2015, almost 3 million people travelled to Thailand to get a cosmetic surgery enhancement to their body.


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More and more, we’re seeing rhinoplasty’s, otherwise known as nose jobs, become a popular choice as the cost and waiting time for the procedure is far more manageable than what they are in the patient’s home country.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and months waiting to get the look you’ve always wanted, Beauty Med can assist in doing just that with some of the best surgeons and hospitals in Thailand.

What you can expect from the procedure

A nose job is done to repair or reshape a patient’s nose due to medical necessity, structural issues or simply because the individual doesn’t like its appearance. There are a multitude of techniques in which this can be done, a detail that will be determined as part of your consultation process.

Just like a breast augmentation or implant surgery, the sensations you experience after your nose job varies from person to person but typically includes numbness, swelling and bruising, pain and blocked breathing.

The benefits of our packages

At Beauty Med, we are experts in organising a range of surgeries in Thailand for a range of patient’s flying in from around the world. The one thing our clients have in common is that they all prefer to get a great quality service for a lower price than they would pay in their home countries.

Our zero cost service is aimed at giving you the most satisfying experience you could hope for, from start to finish. That’s why we not only assist in planning the medical side ofnose jobs, we also help you find the right accommodation and organise transport if needed.

This end-to-end service is sure to make you feel confident and comfortable as you approach your procedure, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your Thailand holiday.

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If you are interested in having a nose job in Thailand and want to enquire about the cost of our packages, contact our friendly team of staff using our online form or call us on 02 800 500 56.

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