Korea’s most prestigious Plastic Surgery Hospital comes to Thailand

CaptureImpressed by rapid growth of patients coming from all over the world, Korea’sno.1, Grand Plastic Surgery Hospitalis opening its first-ever overseas branch hospitalin Bangkok, Thailand in the name of K-TOP Clinic.

Thailand’s favorite Korean hospital Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital’s surgerytechniquesandknow-howis directly acquired to provide advanced state-of-the art medical service in Thailand.

With each field’s best and most qualified professional’s treatment, specialized medical techniques, state-of-the-art equipments and a customer oriented medical system, K-TOP Clinic is here to provide never-before-seen new and next level medical service inThailand.

K-TOP Clinic delivers Korean plastic surgery’sprestige and aims to provide utmost beauty by providing1: 1customized beauty solution for all those who seek beauty.



Plastic surgery starts with love and self-esteem. It is a human nature to pursuit beauty in all age and world. Nowadays, value of beauty is considered as one’s best value in lookism phenomenon.

In such phenomenon, it is more important now more than ever to find a plastic surgery hospital that help discover one’s real beauty and its value. I believe it is my privilege and duty to help people find such beauty as a plastic surgery specialist.

Just as artists who creates beautiful and empathetic artwork based on their best skill and efforts, Grand’s team of plastic surgery specialists also bring out their best skills and know-how to provide real beauty to each customer. Our team of plastic surgery specialists is comprised of such competent and responsible doctors whose outstanding results speak for the doctors.

Furthermore, Grand is based on specialized faculties with best skill and work experience. Grand guarantees utmost satisfaction and gains trust from each customer through state-of-the-art university hospital level facility, advanced medical equipment, safety-oriented medical system, a largest scale in Korea, and specialized system for foreign patient.

Grand Plastic Surgery promises to care for each patient, as we would for our family member. We promise to listen to each patient at any time with care and provide service with love.

Thank you.

Grand Plastic Surgery’s C.E.O, Ryu Sang Wook

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