Steps to Get Nose Job Done in Thailand

Nose job is the process of nose reconstruction to make a flat nose pointed and excise excess flesh from those that are too big. Nose job in Thailand is also known as Rhinoplasty and there are various approaches to having this done which includes open and closed Rhinoplasty.

The first step to having nose job Thailand is to carry out a simple research on the hospital to find out the volume of similar cases they have successfully handled in the past. Get to know the resident surgeon and their certification. Check if the hospital have had issues in the past with their surgery and most importantly, learn how each issue was resolved, whether the client was satisfied in the end.

The next step is to book appointment with them the hospital. It is unlikely that you would have a surgery on your first visit. The first visit is usually for test and analysis and for you to lay out what you need to the surgeon. Analyses are made (which has to do with what problem you have or feature you would like to correct or modify). The surgeon will also take medical history of the patient. If a conclusion is reached, a reschedule is made for the surgery to be carried out.

There are preparations to be made before the main surgery is carried out there could be dietary changes including abstaining from alcohol and tobacco for a week before the surgery. Others include physical assessment and injecting the patient with anesthetics.

If appointments and analysis goes on well, it is left for the surgeon to decide which type of procedure will be best for you. There is the open nose job and the close nose job. In the close nose job, the cut is made just under the tip of the nose such that the area of the cut remains hidden. The whole process should not last more than two hours.

Nose job Thailand is unique because of the after surgery care. The patient is kept under surveillance through the recovery process to make sure there are no complications or infections.

Some of the precautions to be taken during the recovery stage include;

1) Keeping the head tilted upwards at least for the first five days of the recovery.
2) Avoid scrubbing the face, rather clean gently using a cotton wool.
3) Avoidalcohols and spicy foods which have the tendency to cause runny nose.
4) One problem people often get in post recovery is that they begin to play with their medication.
5) This is not a time for self-medication therefore any other medicine that was not prescribed to you should be taken out.

There are some problems you should anticipate after surgery but they will normally go away after a few days. One of them is breathing difficulty and the other is pain which comes as the effect of the anesthetic wear off. The tubes inserted into your nose will make breathing difficult at first but this should clear up in a few days.

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